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ESG Integration™
Designing and deploying various strategies to transition real estate portfolio to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

Designing and deploying various strategies to transition real estate portfolio to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

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Supporting developing whole of institution sustainability, climate, and ESG strategy for use by communities, program managers, grant makers, and executives.


Surveying Latin American and global asset managers and owners to support IADB to expand green bond sovereign and sub-sovereign issuance. 


Assessing and surveying all major U.S-based fisheries to determine which key financial products would support a transition to a more sustainable business model.

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Scoring regulatory reporting and identifying financial reporting discrepancies by a U.S. mid-cap energy firm providing greater transparency for hedge fund managers. 


Co-authoring SEC climate disclosure analyses and climate risk case studies that assessed credit and market risks for 12 publicly traded companies.

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Constructing technical commentary on topics relating to offsets and emissions reductions to inform Verra’s media inquiries.


Engaging real estate investors and property managers to deploy energy efficiency programs to generate alpha.

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Assessing the petrochemicals and plastics sectors to enable asset managers and owners to accurately calculate financial risks and price securities based on ESG risks.

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Developing quantitative and qualitative analytical materials on the global tropical timber sector to market Zoological Society of London's SPOTT background information to asset managers, asset owners, lenders, and corporates.

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Analyzing energy, offsets, and capital markets to provide an asset allocation and commercial strategy for Changeblock and their hedge fund clients.


Devising a financial analysis methodology that identified the misreporting of material ESG and climate risks important to regulators, communities, and investors. 

ESG Training
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Designing an impact investing tool that incorporated ESG and climate risk metrics to enable effective communication, corporate planning, and inform executive strategies across projects in 33 countries for a multi-million dollar portfolio.


Developing a comprehensive framework and rigorous content to be used by 180,000+ employees to support the Nestlé in achieving its 2025 sustainable packaging commitments supported by CHF 2 billion investment.

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Creating and co-leading an executive education series on sustainability, climate, ESG, and net-zero transition risks for key stakeholders from global financial institutions. This course is designed to help candidates of the GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR™) Certificate prepare for the exam and help professionals understand and manage the potential economic and operational impacts of sustainability and climate risks (SCRs) in their organizations. 

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Developing and presenting an ESG Integration™ education series to inform early- and mid-career professionals on ways to price ESG, climate, and sustainability risk which inform corporate strategies and portfolio management.

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Working with the managing director supporting the University of Michigan as a resource, and mentoring / teaching students and recent alumni.

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Mentoring executive education teams on sustainable textiles and conservation finance.

ESG Finance
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Building go to market strategy for key sectors.


Serving as an advisor for this event-driven arbitrage investment fund. 


Advising on their go to market strategy.

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Advising on their go to market strategy.

ESG Media

Sponsoring leading global podcast where corporate, policy, and scientific leaders discuss emissions reductions, carbon markets, biodiversity loss, and our environment.


We are invited speakers to their events.

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We are a media partner and frequent speaker at their events.

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Sponsoring and speaking at leading global green event at Davos 2023.

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Supporting as a media partner.


We are a media partner and writer.


We are invited speakers to their events.

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We are a media partner and  speaker at their events.

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