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Our Future, Our Forests

Responsible Alpha supports media innovators by working with filmmakers to share their stories about the value of our planet's ecosystems. 

Finding Balance: Our Future, Our Forests

 View the movie here

The United Nations Forum on Forests partnered with a multimedia firm to produce a compelling story line about forests that goes beyond simple conservation. Combing through 10,000 photographs and dozens of hours of footage (much of it drawn from last year's International Forest Film Festival), they set out to communicate the difficult balance between livelihoods, economic growth and environmental goals that sustainable development seeks to achieve. Take a look -- the photography, for starters, is stunning. Narration is provided by Jan McAlpine, former head of the UNFF and Senior Consultant, Responsible Alpha, with contributions from Eduardo Mansur, FAO's former Assistant Director-General for Forestry.

 View the movie here

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