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U.S.-German Hydrogen Forum: Moderating

U.S.-German Hydrogen Forum: Moderating

January 17, 2024

Georgetown University, the Representative of German Industry and Trade, and Responsible

Alpha are proud to announce a forum which spotlights the burgeoning clean hydrogen sector and cooperation in the field between the United States and Germany.

The forum will foster dialogue on the economic and geopolitical benefits of U.S.-German

cooperation in hydrogen. Policymakers, agencies, thinktanks, industry participants, and

investors from both nations will come together for a vibrant discussion of the opportunities

and challenges for U.S. and German hydrogen ramp-up. Discussions will center on the

importance of policy in shaping transatlantic hydrogen demand, the role(s) of hydrogen in

the energy transition, how German hydrogen expertise can drive down hydrogen production

costs in the U.S. market.

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