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Commercial Partnerships

Responsible Alpha develops commercial partnership with globally leading innovators who are committed to supporting institutions in their transitions paths to a low-carbon, sustainable, and equitable future. 

Sentient Hubs SH Logo Banner.jpg

Sentient Hubs: The World’s 1st 'System-of-Systems' Impact Modelling Platform  


Sentient Hubs is the world’s first single-window system for visualizing, quantifying and anticipating complex inter-dependencies between dynamic factors like population growth, climate change, and pandemics, against demand for energy, water, transport, and health services. This multi-award-winning Integrated Modelling Framework enables diverse stakeholders across infrastructure, environmental, social and economic value chains to rapidly model risk and cascading impacts to optimize at a macro or micro level. Responsible Alpha is also proud to be a member of Sentient Hubs advisory team.

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