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Responsible Alpha's Inaugural Offsite

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In mid-July, Responsible Alpha had its inaugural offsite gathering in Washington, DC. Some highlights included visiting the observation deck at The View of DC and enjoying a pint at the Continental Beer Garden. In attendance were John Lewis, Steven Hyland, John Waugh, Fred Klein, Gabriel Thoumi, James Hyland, CY Cheng, Jan McAlpine, and Sheryl Quail, and John Palmisano who departed earlier in the day.

Responsible Alpha is delighted to welcome John Van D. Lewis as an Advisor. Dr. Lewis has worked for over 40 years combining his discipline, ecological and economic anthropology (Ph.D. Yale 1979), with international development management experience, including 22 years with USAID. As the Agency Senior Agriculturalist and Direct of its central Office of Agriculture and Food Security for 6 years, Dr. Lewis brought international agribusiness corporations to collaborate with USAID field programs. He has been a Managing Director at Terra Global since 2007. Welcome, John!

It was a wonderful time for all!

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