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Anastasia Zhdanovich

Business, Compliance, and Environment Lead

Anastasia Zhdanovich is a seasoned environmental expert and Senior Consultant at Responsible Alpha. With a strong background in Climate Change, Forestry, Biodiversity, Waste Management, and Environmental Law, she has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to sustainability. As a Climate Reality Leader and winner of the UN Global Compact Partnership for Sustainability Award in 2019, Anastasia brings invaluable expertise to her role.

With experience as an expert on environmental law for organizations like UNDP and Human Dynamics, she has been instrumental in harmonizing air quality management legislation with EU standards and facilitating the ratification of key CLRTAP Protocols. Anastasia continues to make a significant impact as she guides businesses and organizations towards sustainable practices as a Senior Consultant at Responsible Alpha.

Anastasia has achieved numerous professional certifications including ISO 14001:2015 EMS -Environmental Management System.

Her extensive education includes a full scholarship degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of California, Berkeley, and she is currently a PhD candidate in the Environmental and Rural Law Department at Belarusian State University. Throughout her career, Anastasia has led successful projects, including pioneering hazardous waste management within the framework of the Stockholm Convention and establishing partnerships with private businesses to plant over a million trees for climate change mitigation.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Anastasia Zhdanovich actively engages in voluntary work with esteemed organizations like Earth Day Network and Women in Nuclear Global NGO.

Anastasia Zhdanovich
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