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Chris Perry

Energy Transition and Hydrogen Senior Lead

Christopher brings over five years of experience in international M&A execution consulting (EY-Parthenon), corporate strategy and operations (CompuGroup Medical AG), where he supported firms with implementation of complex transactions and adoption of innovative technology and business models. He has worked with and managed projects in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, health technology and EMR data, transportation, and traditional heavy industries. His professional experience spans Germany and the US, enabling him to navigate and bridge diverse business cultures.


He possesses the following business skills:

  • Project management and PMO/IMO

  • Business strategy formulation

  • Operational oversight and reporting

  • Stakeholder management and cross-cultural communication

  • Executive presence and presentations

  • M&A execution including: operational due diligence and risk flagging, buy and sell-side carve-out planning and execution, buy-side integration planning and post-merger integration, current and target operating model, organization and headcount planning, workstream and stakeholder coordination.


In 2023, Christopher earned a master's in International Business and Policy from Georgetown University, where he examined how geopolitical development impact global business environments. His studies included: Business, Government & Global Trade Law; Big Data Management, Analytics, and Machine Learning Theory; Digital Economic Transformation and Artificial Intelligence; Development Economics; Global Cooperation for Sustainability; and Global Security and Investment Threats.


His thesis combined these topics, and culminated in the US-German Hydrogen Forum in conjunction with Responsible Alpha and the Representative of German Industry and Trade. This event demonstrated his commitment to the energy transition and the creation of opportunities for sustainable business and innovative technology. The event fostered dialogue and cooperation between policymakers, industry leaders, and hydrogen investment experts.


Christopher's international consulting experience, knowledge of the hydrogen sector, and M&A execution and project management skills position him to contribute to the growth of our sustainability offerings in the US and Europe.

Chris Perry
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