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Sandrine Ramboux, CFA


Sandrine is a consultant for FutureWise Partners. After a 20 year career in investment banking, she took a 90 degree pivot and created first the Turkish social enterprise whose mission was to inspire and mobilize professionals to use together their expertise to support Turkish civil organizations in a qualitative way. Carma joined the Global Pro Bono network in 2014.

In 2022, after participating to the Alpbach Forum she decided to put her energy, skills and network into the fight against climate change to accelerate the transition.

Sandrine is a CFA Charterholder, a Responsible Leader from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt , Member of the Global Diplomacy Lab and Robert Bosch Foundation alumni Network. She is also a member of the European Women on Board. She has been a speaker at various events like Türkonfed, UN Women, TEDx at Collège of Europe in Bruges, Turkish Win, UNDP Social Good summit and at the 3rd European Crowdfunding Conference in Paris.

Sandrine Ramboux, CFA
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