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Greenwashing Risk Analysis

Market Intelligence, Research, and Analysis


Deception And Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.) is a leading technology-based deception revealing company specializing in assessing documentation for deception, discerning the fine line between deception and truth. Leveraging advanced technologies and analytical capabilities, D.A.T.A. employs innovative methods to accurately and rapidly assess text and language, which constitute a significant portion of financial data. Recognizing the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments by companies, D.A.T.A. partnered with Responsible Alpha, known for its integrated data framework and cross-functional expertise, to analyze the accuracy of such commitments, aiming to combat greenwashing and promote transparency in corporate disclosures. 

Solution and Impact 

In collaboration with Responsible Alpha, D.A.T.A. evaluated the truthfulness of ESG commitments made by companies, addressing concerns about potential greenwashing practices within the corporate landscape. Leveraging their respective expertise, D.A.T.A. and Responsible Alpha developed replicable analyses and algorithms to assess the materiality of greenwashing risks and ensure the accuracy of ESG disclosures.

As part of their joint efforts, D.A.T.A. and Responsible Alpha conducted a comprehensive analysis involving New Fortress Energy (NFE), a major player in the energy infrastructure sector. NFE's public disclosures and sustainability claims were scrutinized using D.A.T.A.'s advanced analytical tools, including the DATAbase and DATAREDline, in conjunction with Responsible Alpha's integrated data framework and cross-functional expertise. This comprehensive approach enabled a thorough evaluation of NFE's operations, aiming to uncover any discrepancies between the company's stated commitments and its actual practices.


The analysis of NFE's disclosures revealed insights into the company's ESG performance and transparency. While NFE received favorable rankings from third-party evaluators like Sustainalytics, further scrutiny by D.A.T.A. and Responsible Alpha uncovered potential discrepancies in the company's disclosures. Despite NFE's overall positive ratings, specific fragments within its regulatory filings exhibited signs of deception, raising concerns about the accuracy and integrity of certain statements.

By leveraging D.A.T.A.'s sophisticated tools and Responsible Alpha's integrated data framework and cross-functional expertise, the collaboration shed light on critical issues surrounding ESG disclosures and greenwashing practices. The identification of deceptive components within NFE's disclosures highlighted the need for enhanced transparency and scrutiny in corporate sustainability reporting. Through their joint efforts, D.A.T.A. and Responsible Alpha demonstrated the efficacy of technology-enabled truth-telling in combating greenwashing and promoting greater accountability in corporate ESG disclosures.

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