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About Us: Advisors

Rajeev Soni

Product Director, Gartner

Jane Philbrick

Founder and CEO, Northeast Wool

Michiel Hendriksz

Executive Director, FarmStrong Foundation

Neil Nastanski

Founder, Woodland Investment Partners

Sandrine Ramboux, CFA

Consultant, FutureWise Partners

Steve Dean

Country Head, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, London Stock Exchange Group

Fred Sullivan

CEO, Venture Acceleration and Liaison, World Ocean Council

David Lucido

Managing Director, Sentient Hubs

John Lewis

Managing Director, Terra Global

Justin Kew, CFA

Senior ESG Analyst

Jason Apollo Voss, CFA

Co-Founder & CEO, Deception and Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.)

Prashanth Reddy Vanga, CFA, FRM

Head of Project Finance, Bank Dhofar

Marissa Rosen

Founder, Climate Social, LLC

John Palmisano


John Grant


Liliana Duica Amaya, Ph.D.

Professor, NAU and Researcher, CUNY, consultant Foundation on Conservation and Sustainable Development

Jeffrey Potent

Adjunct Professor and Consultant in Regenerative Agriculture and Corporate Sustainability

David Haukaas


Peter Fusaro

Founder, Wall Street Green Summit and Partner, Connective Earth

Xiangyu Shen

Software Developer, Epic Systems

Mark Bershatsky, CFA

Credit and Risk Manager, JLL

Dillon Lanius

Proprietary Trader

Jan McAlpine

Ex-Director, United Nations Forum on Forests and ex-Senior Advisor and Negotiator for Forests, U.S. Department of State

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