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Sector Strategies

While Responsible Alpha is a new firm, our team have worked together on- and off- for decades enabling impact and supporting the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable, and equitable future.

Responsible Alpha has significant sector strategic experience.

  • Chemicals and Plastics Supply Chains

  • Emissions Trading and Carbon Markets

  • Executive Leadership and Education

  • ​Natural Resources, Nature-based Solutions, Agriculture, Forests, Water, and Oceans

  • Sustainable Cities, Real Estate, and Urban Planning

Water Testing Kit

Chemicals and Plastics

  • Analyzed packaged food company's complex plastics supply chain for management to explain policy across more than 100,000 employees.

  • Developed industry leading US Plastics, EU Plastics, and Global Plastics dashboards.

  • Covered chemicals sector as an analyst informing equity and fixed income investment strategies across for prominent asset manger.

  • Published industry leading chemicals and plastics investment research reports.

  • Presented on chemicals and plastics alongside industry leader, such as ex-Unilever CEO
    Paul Polman, at investment bank events.

  • Organized global chemicals conference with former CEO large money center bank. 

  • Frequent global speaker and strategist on global chemicals/plastics sustainability trends.

  • Assessed plastics offsets as a strategy for plastics neutrality.

  • Assessed global regulatory filings by publicly traded risks from the chemical and plastics industries.

Emissions Trading and Carbon Markets

  • Conducted trading-based energy and environmental studies for the US Congress, the Canadian government, the US EPA, the OECD, and the World Bank.

  • Developed air pollution trading and water trading-based regulatory reforms for US EPA.

  • Wrote offsets rules for US EPA (won Gold Medal).

  • Created and managed AER*X Inc., the first emissions credit brokerage and consulting firm.

  • Developed carbon offsets under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), Climate Community Biodiversity (CCB), and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

  • Launched and was President of the International Forest Carbon Association. 

  • Designed the first REDD+ project in Western Hemisphere certified to VCS and CCB.

  • Submitted financial accounting guidance for carbon offsets to IASB and FASB.

  • Advised a blockchain startup developing emissions and offsets strategies.

  • Advised insurance companies on developing greenhouse gas credit delivery insurance.

  • Advised the UN Economic Commission for Europe on the development of a $100 million “green” energy fund based on creating and selling tradable environmental credits and offsets.

  • Co-designed strategy for a large private sector carbon offset project verified by Verra.

  • Advised ship owners and ports on greenhouse gas emission trading.


Executive Leadership and Engagement

  • Co-designed course and instructed candidates of the GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate to prepare for the exam using the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework.

  • Designed an approach and managed a contract for USAID's Climate Information Support Facility, which supported USAID missions in climate risk management in program design.

  • Directed CFA Institute strategic focus on sustainability issues.

  • Designed ESG Integration and Nature-based Solutions executive education series for large EU country deployed globally.

  • Wrote grant proposals to major foundations like the Packard Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation; and written or managed successful proposals to the Asia Development Bank, the World Bank, the GlobaEnvironment Facility, USAID, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

​Natural Resources, Nature-based Solutions, Agriculture, Forests, Water, and Oceans

  • Designed a $180 million green bond to support forest conservation funded.

  • Co-won a Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance and Agricultural Supply Chain Adaptation Facility prize with Inter-American Development Bank.

  • Managed a contract for USAID’s flagship framework contract for natural resources and
    climate change services, the REPLACE IDIQ, with a $700 million cap and six contract

  • Conducted program evaluations of biodiversity, forestry, land use, and natural resource management projects operating in more than 30 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. Extensive experience working in protected areas in Latin America.

  • Water equity fund, analyst.

  • Organized the first GEF Conference for UNDP and IUCN, where regional environmental trust fund networks were established, including REDLAC.

  • Work throughout the Caribbean including the evaluation of a GEF funded biodiversity project in the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Produced study of the relationship between ecosystem health and emerging infectious
    disease in SE Asia.

  • Applied invasive species expertise in plantation forestry in the context of climate change and forest fire risk. Published multiple articles on climate, land management, and forest fire risk.

  • Produced a strategy for engagement of the UN CBD on marine resource management that led to a consensus on the importance of marine biodiversity and fisheries to development, in the form of the Jakarta Mandate. 

  • Successfully initiated negotiation under Law of the Sea Convention for protection of marine
    biodiversity outside areas of national jurisdiction.

  • Assisted in the establishment of a global policy on marine pollution, focusing on agricultural
    runoff, while representing IUCN at negotiations for the UN Global Program of Action on
    Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities.

  • Played a leadership role in development of coral reef conservation and recovery strategies
    as a founding member of the International Coral Reef Initiative.

  • Awarded Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow in Natural Capital. 

Sustainable Cities, Real Estate, and Urban Planning
  • Public Facilities Review Committee experience assessing proposed public buildings.

  • Site Plan Review Committee member reviewing planned private sector buildings.
  • Member numerous urban planning design commissions assessing multi-modal transit, building height, form-based codes, renewable energy, stormwater, municipal waste water, urban parks, urban lighting and dark sky compliance, waste management, biophilia, and district energy options.

  • Environmental assessments and master planning.

  • Clean energy master planning.

  • Arlington County Climate Change, Energy and Environment Commission, ex-commissioner.

  • Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee, ex-member.

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