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Green Bonds Advisory
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Climate Risk Modeling
ESG Integration and Strategy Development
Disclosure and SDG Reporting 


MENNTA Energy Solutions' mission is to address the knowledge gaps of energy professionals throughout the world with innovative and proven training techniques. Recognizing their need to expand their growing course catalogue to address the importance of achieving net zero emissions, distinguishing between different net zero scenarios and pathways, identifying net zero regulations and frameworks, as well as understanding the long-term benefits of net zero emissions for nature and society, MENNTA sought to add another course to provide knowledge on these key objectives. To enhance the knowledge of energy professionals across the world on the subject of the energy transition and the key frameworks, key performance indicators, scenarios and pathways, and more MENNTA partnered with Responsible Alpha to develop an comprehensive educational course that delves deep into the concept of net zero emissions, its significance, and the various pathways and strategies for achieving this critical goal.

Solution and Impact 

With Mennta Energy Solutions, formerly The Oxford Princeton Programme, a firm that addresses the knowledge gaps of over 100,000 energy and finance professionals throughout the world with innovative and proven training techniques, Responsible Alpha designed a comprehensive educational course that addressed all aspects of the concept of net zero emissions and the pathways to achieving this significant goal. Through this course, participants were able to partake in five lessons including an introduction to net zero, scenario calculations and pathways, net zero regulations and frameworks, net zero implications and benefits, and stakeholder engagement and communication. Through hands-on exercises and assignments, and by leveraging Responsible Alpha’s integrated data framework and expertise, participants were able to develop a specialized understanding of net zero emissions, along with the tools to calculate and formulate plans to implement key strategies in achieving net zero emissions.


The results of our work enabled many leaders from various financial institutions and consultancies, e.g., Bank of America, ING, UBS, and others, to improve their capacity to address the complex world of sustainability, climate finance, net-zero, ESG, and green bonds.

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