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Responsible Alpha Joins Prestigious GFANZ Working Groups to Drive Sustainable Finance Initiatives

Responsible Alpha Joins Prestigious GFANZ Working Groups to Drive Sustainable Finance Initiatives

March 11, 2024

Responsible Alpha is thrilled to announce its acceptance into two prestigious working groups: GFANZ's Mobilizing Capital to Emerging Markets & Developing Economies and Nature in Net-zero Transition Plans. GFANZ (The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero) is a global coalition of leading financial institutions committed to accelerating the decarbonization of the economy. These memberships underscore our commitment to advancing the Responsible Alpha mission. We eagerly anticipate leveraging our expertise to contribute meaningfully to these initiatives. Read on to discover more about each working group. 

The Mobilizing Capital for Emerging Markets & Developing Economies working group is dedicated to expediting capital mobilization in support of the net-zero transition in these regions. Given the immense investment required to transition the global economy to net zero, particularly in emerging markets and developing economies (EM&DEs), this group aims to overcome the challenges associated with deploying capital in these areas. By fostering private-sector leadership and facilitating public-private collaboration, the working group seeks to endorse catalytic initiatives and policy changes that will mobilize private capital to support the low-carbon transition. 

Meanwhile, the Financial Institution Net-zero Transition Plans working group is focused on aiding financial institutions in translating their net-zero commitments into actionable, science-based transition plans. As more institutions align their portfolios and operations with net zero, it becomes imperative to develop robust plans that include credible interim targets and implementation strategies. By providing clear and consistent guidance, this group aims to support global efforts to achieve net zero by 2050 and address key issues in transition plan design and implementation. 

Responsible Alpha is honored to join these esteemed working groups, which align closely with our mission and values. We are committed to actively participating in these initiatives and look forward to making meaningful contributions towards a sustainable and equitable future. 

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