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The Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, partnered with Responsible Alpha to advocate for improved climate-related disclosures by public companies by the SEC. Recognizing the critical need for consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information on climate-related financial risks, Responsible Alpha and the Ocean Conservancy collaborated on various initiatives to highlight the importance of climate disclosure and its impact on investors and communities. Leveraging Responsible Alpha's integrated data framework and cross-functional team of experts, their efforts aimed to support the Taskforce on Climate-Related Disclosures (TCFD) and advocate for mandatory, standardized climate-related disclosures by public companies.

Solution and Impact 

Responsible Alpha authored and together with the Ocean Conservancy co-filed SEC climate disclosure analyses and climate risk case studies. These analyses provided valuable insights on 12 business cases that were used by 123 institutions, including environmental, Indigenous Peoples, and racial justice organizations, in their filings with the SEC. These analyses and case studies, powered by Responsible Alpha's integrated data framework, offered comprehensive assessments of climate-related financial risks and the potential impact on investments. Responsible Alpha's multidisciplinary team of analysts collaborated closely with the Ocean Conservancy to develop rigorous analyses and actionable recommendations for policymakers and investors.


As a result of Responsible Alpha's collaboration with the Ocean Conservancy and the 123 supporting institutions, there has been increased awareness and advocacy for mandatory, standardized climate-related disclosures by public companies. The analyses and case studies provided valuable evidence supporting the need for improved disclosure practices, emphasizing the importance of consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information for investors and communities. Through their joint efforts, Responsible Alpha, the Ocean Conservancy, and the supporting institutions have contributed to advancing climate disclosure standards and promoting greater transparency and accountability in corporate reporting practices.

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