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Arjun Pandey

Sustainability Analyst

Arjun Pandey is a young professional joining the team at Responsible Alpha with a passion for leveraging data analytics to unravel complex weather and climate insights. Earning a B.S. in Earth Science and Economics, Arjun's educational journey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has shaped his interdisciplinary perspective. He recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Weather and Climate Risk & Data Analytics, enhancing his proficiency in harnessing data-driven strategies to tackle environmental challenges.


In a GIS role at the City of Evanston, he transforms intricate spatial data into actionable insights, contributing to urban planning and development. He's previously worked in the financial district of Chicago, building his proficiency in data analysis and automation, assisting high-profile clients in optimizing supply chains and navigating commodity markets. Furthermore, Arjun's experiences in energy management consulting add practical experience to his passion for sustainable practices.

Arjun Pandey
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