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Jason Apollo Voss, CFA


Jason is Co-Founder & CEO, Deception and Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.).

Jason is the retired co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund, which bested the S&P 500 by 49.1% during his tenure, was a Lipper #1 fund, and one of the first 10 funds awarded Stewardship Grade "A" by Morningstar. Previously Jason was CEO of •A•I•M• Consulting, LLC which advised investment managers on how to improve their investment process & execution to deliver increased alpha.

D.A.T.A. is the result of Jason's research obsession dating back to 1998 of how to extract meaningful insight from the 98.3% of financial data that is text-based, not numbers-based. In 2011 as CFA Institute's global Director of Content, Jason partnered with deception scientists to conduct history's first research into deception detection in finance. This work culminated in multiple pieces of scientific research published in the Journal of Behavioral Finance and the publication of investing's only text on deception detection, co-authored with Maria Hartwig, Ph.D, Lie Detection Guide: Theory & Practice for Investment Professionals.

Jason Apollo Voss, CFA
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